Sir Madam Salon is a little different to your usual hairdressing experience: you will be part of the styling process. Expect to wield combs, colours and curlers as you and a friend (or a stranger) experiment with each other’s hair while clearing the air on the issues you care about.

Sir Madam Salon travels across Australia to present pop-up salons as part of health promotion programs, festivals, community development events and ongoing social cohesion initiatives. We use the safe and fun space of styling hair to explore some big ideas and questions.

“It was a really connecting experience. That’s what you’re trying to do and it works! It really really works! I totally experienced it. I just want to join you, dye in hand.” 

Anne aka Touched Lavender

Love your locks? Never fear, our trained stylists will be with you every step (or snip) of the way, helping with ideas, techniques, tools and colours. Nervous about tricky conversations? Don’t worry, our team has extensive experience in a range of cultural environments to ensure the space is welcoming and respectful.

And unlike your standard hair salon, we’re leaving the trashy mags at home in favour of fabulous films and other info about social change hairdressing programs to entertain and inspire you. By the time you’re done, you’ll know all about how hairdressers are making a difference in Australia and around the world.  



Brett cutting Nathan's hair during a Sir Madam Salon event. Brett is the managing director of a dental clinic and Nathan is a journalist.